The obvious ways to win at bingo

Whether you like it or not, there are some givens that cannot be denied when it comes to internet bingo. Also, players who have a lot of money in their balance have a better chance of winning because their possibilities and actions are unlimited. Similarly, the player who competes in a bingo tournament from the beginning is also favoured in the sense that he has had time to get used to the circumstances of the game. Finally, the more reflexes you have, the better you are at bingo: this game requires speed, especially when it comes to identifying the numbers, but also patience, as you can’t fill in your grid in just a few seconds. For French players, we advise you to check out French online gaming sites before playing bingo.

The question of the number of players and cards

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There are certain tricks that can increase the player’s chances of winning. For example, we advise you to choose rooms with no players, which will put you in a comfortable position from the start. The less competition there is, the more likely you are to succeed in online bingo.

Another tip that should never be overlooked but still requires some thought is the number of cards that you are going to put into play. You can choose between taking cards with a wide variety of combinations – this will allow you to have a minimum of winning numbers thanks to the diversity of your grids – or you can choose cards with identical combinations. If you choose the second method, you won’t win just one card, but several.

How often you play and when you play

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Also remember that playing too much for a limited period of time can be tiring and can drastically reduce your efficiency. In addition, we encourage you to play earlier in the morning rather than during the day. Before sunrise, there is little activity in bingo halls around the world, which is not the case during the day. When you play at dawn or very late at night, you have the opportunity to make it easier for yourself as there is less competition.

The two scientific techniques for winning at bingo

Did you know that two scientists have given their name to a technique to guarantee a player’s victory in bingo? These techniques are called the Granville and Tippet methods. Similar to the martingales used in roulette, these techniques allow you to quickly make up financial losses through a chart of accounts.